2 years product warranty on machines. Samich’s machine have high reliability and as result, for any machine equipped with “counter hour”, Samich extend warranty up to 2 years.

To receive the extended warranty you only need to follow the service plan, and have the service performed by a Samich authorized servicing garage. The service is needed only every 500 hours or every 12 months.

The warranty is void if aftermarket alterations, changes, or modifications have been made to the equipment. The warranty is void if the tools used are not original Samich tools or if the tools used are not approved by Samich.

Freight charges have to be paid by the customer in warranty period. The warranty is only applicable on Goods delivered by Samich or by appointed Distributors.

There isn’t any warranty for tools and/or for consumable. The operator must ensure that the tool selected is suitable for use that he needs. No responsibility can be attributed to Samich for incorrect use of the tool or accessory.