S4 Planetary – Extra weight with support

Kit Extra weights 8,5 Kg

    COD: HGCA017502
    Category: Planetary
    Tags: Samich

    Product description

    New S4 Planetary: designed exclusively for the Fantastic Sander allows for sanding, grinding and polishing of all stones, concrete and wooden surfaces. It is easy to install, thanks to its quick attach system the operation only takes few seconds. Its “not visible” gears are protected from dirt, sludge and dust guarantee optimum functionality and durability.

    The 4 rotating heads (140mm) allow to perform even the most demanding sanding jobs with exceptional results in terms of planarity and finish. The outlet at the center of the planetary S4 reduces the use of water, improves the performance of diamond disks granting working homogeneity.

    Easy to use, removes the risk of marks on wooden floors and provides a perfectly flat and smooth surface, smooths up to bare wood and flat all unevenness. Smoothes along walls allowing to save time and resources. It ‘easy to handle even in tight spaces and corners.

    Possible applications:

    • Grinding and polishing of marble and granite
    • Leveling of screeds.
    • Grinding and polishing of concrete.
    • Sanding of wooden floor and prefinished ones.
    • Intermediate wood sanding.
    • Grinding and leveling of wood.

    Technical Data

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